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    SEIK has supported dozens of different businesses from school talent competitions to national competitions and donations. We want to inspire people to do good and be happy.


    We give one calendar for each purchase made through our site for charity.
    Our products are good rewards for the winners or special people. The calendar is a worthy gift.


    Some tips before completing the application.

    1. The sponsor is very happy if you can offer something in reward. Think about how you can benefit from us as well. We like innovative and resourceful ideas. For example, in social media posts, sharing games, photo shooters, or a treasure hunt instead? Rewarding Reasonable Ideas Certainly.
    2. The application should be sent in enough time before the event takes place! Please send an application at least 2 weeks before the event. Then we can better organize the delivery of your products, discuss the details of the collaboration, and share logos. For larger projects, we recommend contacting you more advance.
    3. Fill out the application carefully and define the content of the event, the time of the event and the number of participants! Tell us what the purpose of your action is, who you are doing, and what’s going on. Bringing out where the event will take place and when we can better plan co-operation.
    4. Do not write a novel, be brave and say exactly what you want! Let us know what kind of products and quantities you need and for what uses.
    5. Let us know after the end of the event, how did you go! We are very interested in the success of your event and we also want to know what exactly happened at the event. We will be happy to post a brief introduction of the event and pictures of the event to our blog and social media. If you have also received media coverage, let us know.


    If you have any questions about completing this form, please feel free to contact us.

    Rudolf-Gustav Hanni
    SEIK Publisher
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